Stichting LIAN, Liberians in action Netherland foundation

Welcome to  LIBINACTION  LIAN supports clinics in poor areas of the country.
In addition, schools.   Read more

What we do

The LIAN Foundation (Liberian in Action NL) supports clinics and schools in poor parts of Liberia with relief supplies (medical, education) and provides scholarships to poor children.
In addition, schools are supported by, for example, building toilets and water sources.
This is because many schools do not have sanitary facilities. One of the conditions for eligibility for medical supplies is that the clinics in question give free treatments to children who receive a scholarship through LIAN.
Schools that are provided with sanitary facilities through LIAN must annually exempt a number of students from school fees
For these students, LIAN covers the costs of school uniform, school shoes, notebooks and pens and the transport for children to go to school.

through this approach from Lian:
• Selected clinics and schools receive specific support
• A number of women, children and young people who cannot afford education do receive education, and receive free treatment at clinics.
This requires the following:
• Transport from the Netherlands to the port of Liberia
• Transport from the warehouse to clinics outside Monrovia.


The #fundraisingcampaign is going very well. Thanks to everyone who donated money.
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Belloh went 04-2019 to Liberia to build public toilets and a water acces point next to a clinic.
LIBINACTION  is here for Liberia.

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